DM_Fisk's Princes of the Apocalypse Campaign

Princes of the Apocolypse - The Journey Begins

Session 1

Session 1 Recap

A band of adventurers have journeyed north of Waterdeep to investigate strange occurances in the Dessarin Valley. They each have their own personal agendas, but all have established a history with one another as reliable companions. Their main focus currently is finding a missing delegation of diplomats from the city of Mirabar, which were due to arrive in Waterdeep over 20 days ago.

The team arrived in the small town of Red Larch to begin their investigations, found several leads, and moved to explore the nearby Sumber Hills.

The team includes:
Bran- Human hunter, a traveller from the north whose village had been sacked by rampaging humanoids.
Bree- Halfling battlemistress, a bounty hunter from Waterdeep without fear that speaks her mind.
Chunk- A half-orc Paladin of Torm, bound by oath to support the crown.
Pavel- Half-Elven Alchemist, seeker of new business opportunities in the area.

This worthy crew discovered the following locations-
Red Larch – visited, shops and contacts available.
Lance Rock – location noted
Feathergale Spire – A tower inhabited by a group of white robed warriors riding aerial mounts.
Sighing Valley – The valley below Feathergale Spire, as yet unexplored. The Feathergale knights hunting grounds- the team killed a manticore here.
Lonely Cairns- site of a small skirmish, 4 stone cairns were found, including 2 that seemed to have been members of the missing delegation. One wearing odd robes that matched those worn by those in Feathergale spire, and one in a strange suit of stone armor that crumbled away at a touch.
Sacred Stone Monestary – Location noted.
Scarlet Moon Hall – Location noted
Rumor of an impending caravan attack by raiders – Somewhere between Red Larch and Womford.

900 exp start

Creatures defeated – 725/4 = 181 exp ea.
Roleplay, info obtained, etc – 600/4 = 150 exp ea.

New total: 1231 exp each!



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