Bran Helder



Illuskan Human of the North
Ranger – Hunter – Two Weapon Fighting Style – Natural Explorer (Forest)
Age 19
Dark Hair/Fair Skin
160 lbs.
Background – Outlander
Origin – Homesteader turned Homeless
Alignment – Neutral Good
Secret Faction – Emerald Enclave (Leaf Clasp found on his cloak)
Personality Trait – I have a lesson for every situation, drawn from nature.
Ideals – Life is like the seasons, in constant change, and we must change with it.
Bonds – Family is the most important thing in my life, even if they are all dead and gone.
Flaws – Holds a deep grudge if wronged, and will swiftly take his revenge, smiting those who oppose him.


As a young boy growing up in the heavily forested area of the hills of the North Coast, Bran spent the majority of his time playing and learning in the forest. Every day the forest seemed to call to him, regardless of the fact that his parents constantly called on him to help in the daily farming and building that took place on the homestead. His family, who had migrated from the colds of the North to the more temperate area, were of a strong willed people, willing to work the long, hard hours to beat the ground into submission and mold it to do their will and grow crops. Little by little, his family, along with many others, had built their small homestead up from nothing and were content to continue life in the wild hills of the North. Sadly, they knew nothing of the evils that lurked in the shadows of the hills near their homestead that was planning their demise.

One day, rather than listening to his father’s words and helping the family construct a new barn for their horses, Bran chose to play and explore amongst the low bushes of the hill forest, tracking a small rabbit that he had marked as his prey. While following the trail, silence fell all around him. It was as if the forest around him had frozen in an instant. Quickly, sensing something evil that he could not explain, he hid amongst the bushes and brambles. They cut deep into his legs and pricked him, shooting pain through his entire body, but he willed himself to stay silent. It was a good thing that he did, for in the blink of an eye, as if creeping out of the shadows, an enormous troop of goblins and orcs flooded down the hill, making their way towards the homestead. Part of Bran wanted to run and yell to alert his family of the oncoming danger, but he was overtaken by fear and all he could do was hide and silently weep as he listened to the cries of his family and friends in the far off distance. In the end, the troop left nothing in it’s wake, and Bran was left with nothing.

All he could do was disappear into his beloved forest, the only safe place that he could think of in his time of need. It was in that place that an ancient elven ranger had discovered the young boy. Even though Bran had not known it, this ranger had been watching him from afar throughout his years, watching in amazement at the natural born skills that Bran possessed. Never before had he seen any human so in tune with nature, so on the day after Bran had lost everything, the ranger took him in and gave him a new purpose…to become a ranger of the forest and grow in the skills that would allow him to protect the land and to take vengeance upon those who had murdered his family.

Bran Helder

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