If Players deem it appropriate, their Character may begin play as members of various factions and organizations.

During play, some factions may be able to assist characters with information, quests, or resources. They may also create obligations for the player as well. Players are free to decide how committed their characters are to the faction’s causes.

Each faction has its own motivations, goals, and philosophy. Some are more heroic than others, but all band together in times of trouble to thwart major threats.

Here is a list of significant factions with interests in the area:

The Harpers A scattered network of spellcasters and spies, the Harpers advocate equality and covertly oppose the abuse of power, magical or otherwise. Agents operate in secret and emphasize stealth and subtlety, or at the very least discretion.

The Emerald Enclave This widespread group of wilderness survivalists preserves the natural order while rooting out unnatural threats. Some wander the untamed lands while others make their homes on the outskirts of towns and villages, where they help to protect travelers from the dangers of the wild.

The Lords’ Alliance A loose compact of political powers concerned with mutual security and prosperity for their cities. Trade helps link the cities together, and the members seek to protect it. While some members seek glory for themselves, others seek political influence for their liege.

The Order of the Gauntlet Primarily a military organization, members of the order protect the faithful and are vigilant seekers of justice who protect others from the depredations of evildoers.

The Zhentarim This shadowy group seeks to expand its influence and power base throughout Faerun. Its members coerce, persuade, or buy their way into every major area of influence. Also known as The Black Network, this group recruits any who can conduct its business without too many moral reservations.

Other groups:
Elves of the High Forest The High Forest once sheltered three great elven realms beneath its boughs, and many tribes of wood elves still protect the ruined monuments to their golden age. Few beyond the borders know much about these elves, as they make little contact with the outside world.

The Hand of Yartar The local thieves’ guild of Yartar vies for power within their city, seeking a larger piece of the action.

The Knights of Samular This order of paladins and priests dedicated to Tyr has pursued justice across the North for five hundred years, and their main keep, Summit Hall, is located in the Sumber Hills.

Uthgardt Tribes For over a thousand years, the barbarian humans of the Uthgardt tribes have roved the North, holding to their ancient customs and rituals. They are notorious for their hatred of magic, and disavow any gods but their own.


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